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Astrid Webster

Raising two kids and letting them out in the world was enough to set Astrid Webster to wondering whether her children or the world would be most likely to survive. Neither would be safe unless the other was safe. With a growing interest in a cleaner, more sustainable environment, she advocated cycling for transportation, commuting to UNM and several jobs while her children were in their teens. With them semi-safely grown, she joined Dennis Kucinich's campaign and the Los Alamos Study Group. With the arrival of grandchildren, Astrid gave up much of her biking and her 10 year old gas sipping Toyota Tercel, spurring her interest in waste vegetable oil biodiesel.

Pondering what was growing in her backyard and whether any of it would yield seed oil led to an interest in backyard agriculture. So now she seeds, weeds, brews and writes for a better future the children, all of them.

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dirty earth overs hands holding a beautifull gerber daisy

Farming, Food Fantasies and Recombinant Cuisine

If you haven’t seen Food, Inc and plan to eat again in the forseeable future, you probably should . You just might not want to, however; eat again, that is. It’s the perfect leadup for a New Year’s resolution to lose weight. It could be called the Think Before You Eat Diet.
If you want to slow the information about what America eats down a bit, reading Michael Pollan’s books is a good alternative. In Omnivore’s Dilemma, Pollan takes the reader on a literary tour of food from the nation’s farms to our tables. To say that it’s an unappetizing trip, save for the chapter on Polyface Farm, would be an understatement. Think school cafeteria food with none of the culinary niceties. ...

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